From Fine to Fabulous: 3 Tips for Designing a Small Bedroom 

While you may dream of having a Kim Kardashian-style walk-in closet, sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got. The good news is that with a little creativity, even the smallest of bedrooms can be transformed into open, inviting and fabulous spaces. Here are three tips for redesigning your bedroom and creating a great living environment.

Tip #1. Learn to love storage bins.

According to the latest advice from the Home Interior Design Institute, storage bins are key for anyone wanting to get the most out of a small space. We’re not talking about unsightly plastic boxes sold at your local thrift store. Storage bins come in a myriad of designs, shapes and sizes. You can choose anything from beautiful stretched fabric to pretty woven baskets. Bins help you organize things on shelves, under your bed and in cupboards while also filling your room with vibrant colors. Compared with drawers and cupboards, storage bins are attractive and help you save space, thus creating the illusion of a larger room.

Tip #2. Recess Your Lighting

Yes, anything involving a certified electrician will come with a price tag. However, in the case of a small bedroom, the investment is worth it. Although suspended lights can look elegant and beautiful, they do rob you of living space. If you can recess your lights so they are flush with the ceiling, your room will look noticeably larger. For recessing to work, you will need a suspended ceiling and not all rooms have this. If your ceiling is solid or plastered, try ultra slim LED lighting instead. The latest trend is flat-panel LED lights and they look great on walls too. Reducing the space taken up by light fixtures will have a surprising impact on the sense of space in your room.

Tip #3. Could you lose your closet doors?

A typical hinged door takes up around six percent of the available floor space in a room. The current trend in interior design is to open up spaces. If your bedroom has a closet, transforming this into an open closet will increase the sense of space. By removing the doors of a small closet and adding some wallpaper, your small bedroom will seem brighter and more spacious. Alternatively, many sliding doors are available. You could fit a sliding closet door and still benefit from extra space. If your room lacks a closet, installing a sliding bedroom door would also free up space. Sliding doors are a major investment but will transform the way you use and enjoy your bedroom by freeing up space.


These three tips should help you transform your small bedroom into a fabulous space fit for royalty. Creatively using space can help you find ways to better use your room.

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